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Cacao (F1)

Fermented Grains

This type of cocoa represents around 8% of cocoa production in the world. The fruity, floral, nutty and malt aromas and flavors are the characteristic flavor of fine aroma cocoa that differentiates it from other cocoas in the world. . This is a classification used by the international organization to define a cocoa characterized by lower productivity but with extensive organoleptic properties. In the Venezuelan case, 95% of our cocoa has a fine aroma, a distinction that reaffirms the great quality of our fruit, mainly due to the prodigious conditions of the Venezuelan climate and soil composition

Cacao (F2)

Unfermented grains

It is cocoa that is received dry and in slime and is not subjected to a fermentation process, but its drying is natural (in sunlight) and may contain less than 50% of fermented almonds.

Cocoa Powder

Raw material

Cocoa powder is made by grinding cocoa beans. Once it has been ground, the average grain size does not exceed three millimeters. The grinding is subjected to an alkaline solution that dissolves the cocoa fat at a relatively low temperature. Cocoa powder is usually used in the chocolate industry as an intermediate step in the production of chocolate jams and spreads. 

Cocoa Butter

Raw Material

Cocoa butter contains natural antioxidants that prevent rancidity, giving it a storage life of two to five years. It is used for its smooth texture in various foods (including chocolate), as well as in cosmetics, skin care products, soaps. With pure cocoa butter (without the addition of cocoa solids that give it its brown color characteristic), milk and sugar (or sweetener) the so-called white chocolate is made (which is actually ivory in color).

Cocoa Liquor

Raw Material 

From the fermentation, roasting and refining of cocoa seeds, a liquid called cocoa liquor or chocolate liquor is obtained. Cocoa liquor is pure chocolate in liquid form and is made up of two main ingredients, cocoa butter or fat and dried cocoa. This liquor is the base for making all types of chocolates and despite its name, it does not contain alcohol.

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