Discover our cocoa

In our company we grow and harvest cocoa beans and process them to obtain their derivatives such as; the liquor, butter and cocoa powder made with the best quality for the national and international market, we offer the best varieties in the world, of course Venezuelan cocoa such as; Mantuano, Carenero, Rio Caribe, Sur del Lago and Amazonas (a hybrid of Creole and foreign cacao). For export, they give a unique and exclusive aroma and special flavor for sweets, chocolate bars, ice cream parlors and chocolate drinks. 

Varieties that we grow in Venezuela 


Criollo Cacao is considered by experts to be the best bean, due to its aroma and flavor. It is the model from which the others are classified. They describe it as delicate, fragrant and elegant. It is a species that is fragile to the environment and has low production. Currently it represents 2% to 5% of the planet's trees and only 1% of global production. The fruit is long and ribbed, pointed, soft, warty and has cotyledons or soft seeds.


The Trinitario caco is a hybrid resulting from the crossing between the criollo and the forastero. Its birth occurs in the areas of the Orinoco Delta in Venezuela. It has the qualities that characterize the two species that their genes provide: it is aromatic, robust, with a great capacity to adapt to diseases and adverse agro-ecological conditions; It is also very productive and high-performance. It occupies 14% of world production. As an example of the Trinitario we have the Carenero Superior, from Barlovento.


Cacao forastero is a tree with many fruits, it is robust but common and not very aromatic. It has its origin in the high Amazon jungle, in the period in which species diversified. Today it supplies 85% of world demand. Its fruits are rounded and hard, with seeds tinted in purple tones.

Why is Venezuelan Cocoa the Best in the World?

If there is something that makes Venezuelans proud, it is their chocolate and it is due to a compelling reason that supports one of the best things that exist in this land of grace.

In fact, it is scientifically proven that Venezuelan cocoa is the best in the world, as it far exceeds all global standards of excellence. However, it is a fact that the most exquisite chocolates in the world have, among their ingredients, the special Venezuelan cocoa, which is so special that some of its varieties do not even require sugar since they are the only cocoas with a sweet flavor. that are known to date. The most important European and Asian chocolate makers use Venezuelan cocoa, and it is even mandatory for European ones to have at least 5% Venezuelan cocoa among their ingredients"; this is a fruit that grows originally in the country, That is to say, absolutely no one introduced its cultivation, and although its production quantity has decreased, its quality has not, and it remains, to this day, as the most exquisite cocoa in the world.